What is a LED batten light?  

LED Batten lights are new modern innovation similar to fluorescent tubes. They are a fashionable commercial light fixing that is found in commercial places like a parking lot, shopping mall, offices, etc.

The batten light is popular as a LED lighting device that saves energy more than any other conventional light fitting.

Unlike conventional lights, Batten lights provide a stylish look and a decent save on energy consumption. LED Batten lights are a significant improvement to conventional lighting fixtures.

After realizing that fluorescent lights can be very harmful and hazardous to human health, most people are switching to led batten lights.  While some still don’t know why it is better to use led batten lights than fluorescent batten lights.

Let’s dive into more details on LED Batten Lights

How do LED Batten lights differ from conventional tube lights?

led batten light vs fluorescent tubes

Despite the high energy consumption and steep maintenance cost, fluorescent tubes are still in use in many commercial and residential areas.

The conventional tube light has been in use for a longer time compared to LED Batten light. Batten lights being a new and improved technology provides a huge saving on energy and money compared to fluorescent lighting fixtures.

In terms of efficiency, maintenance, energy-saving and longevity, LED Batten has a signification advantage over fluorescent lightings.

In a short time, Batten lights have gained widespread adoption in commercial and residential lighting.

Based on functional facts as well as the esthetical characteristics of both the conventional tube light and LED Batten light, let’s get into the major differences between them.

Power consumption

Typically LED Batten light uses about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescents which is a huge save on energy and money.

Cost friendly:

The cost of a LED batten light is twice cheaper compared as the cost of purchasing a conventional tube light. Also, the use of LED Batten will save a lot on the electricity bill.


LED batten lights can have up to 4 times longer lifespan than traditional tube lights. 

Heat production

Another pitfall of the conventional tube lights is that it loses its brightness over time and burns off some of its parts, most especially its choke.

On the other hand, the LED batten light produces a very little amount of heat and the incidence of burning out any part is overrated.

LED Batten Light Vs. fluorescent tubes 

FeaturesLED Batten LightsFluorescent Tube Lights
Life DurationUp to 50,000 hoursUp to 20,000 hours
Energy ConsumptionVery Low ( More than 50% savingHigh
VisibilityHigh(up to 100+ lm/wLow
Colour OptionsVariousLimited
Startup DelayNoYes, start with a delay
Dimmable optionAvailableNot available
HeatLowHigh heat
Toxic ChemicalNoYes (Mercury and phosphorous)
UV RadiationNoYes

Reasons To Use LED Batten Lights

  • LED Batten lights are more eco friendly compared to traditional fluorescent lights. They consume less energy helping you save up to 80% of your electricity bill.
  • LED Batten does not heat up and has no ultraviolet emission, unlike the old fluorescent tube lights.
  • LED Batten lights do not produce harmful radiation, waves or any kind of buzzing sound. This helps your brain become more relaxed and increase productivity.
  • LED Batten has a higher light output and up to 90% longer lifespan compared to fluorescent tubes
  • LED Battens are environmentally friendly as they do not contain any harmful gases or any kind of toxic elements.
  • LED Batten lights are lightweight and have a sleek design with almost zero maintenance cost.

Where can you use LED Batten lights?

LED batten lights are linear luminaire or fixture that is usually placed on installation surfaces.

A LED batten light simply means a batten fitting or fixture that is fused with light-emitting diodes as its light source.

They can be installed either indoor or outdoor.

They are energy-efficient, doesn’t cause harm to the environment, produces low heat, maintenance-free and sturdy when compared to fluorescent tube lights.

Also, LED batten light gives consistent lighting and it offers major and noticeable savings on account of voltage and power consumption.

They are very useful and they have numerous benefits. The benefits range from its durability to low maintenance cost.

With advanced LED technology, LED batten lights are used to light up public spaces or areas. They are also a perfect replacement for the fluorescent counterparts.

LED Batten lights can be used for domestic and commercial purposes. Batten lights are more effective for lighting up the areas like:

  • parking slot
  • hospital
  • garage
  • factories
  • kitchen
  • office
  • factories
  • workshop
  • warehouse

What are the different types of LED Batten lights?

There are various types of LED Batten lights available in the market. Slimline LED Batten light, Standard LED Batten light, Wide LED Batten lights are some of the most commonly used Battens.


This type of LED battens is also called weatherproof or anti-corrosive battens.

Since they do not absorb water or moisture, likewise dustproof, they are more commonly utilized in garages, car parks, warehouses, outdoors, and other commercial applications.


Slimelight LED batten light has a lightweight aluminium body with a polycarbonate opal diffuser. It contains an inbuilt irreplaceable led lamp energy class A+.

Its average life is 25000 hours which is approximately about 1041 days. The colour temperature of this led batten light is about 4000k.

It is easily installed and it has a great cable entry with mounting clips added.


This led batten light is usually applied in commercial places like car parks, garages, workshops, schools, and hospitals.


These batten lights are usually utilised in offices and company spaces.

Is LED Batten light energy efficient?

Yes, LED Battens are highly energy-efficient and high performing eco-friendly lighting fixtures. They reduce a significant amount of energy consumption. Unlike the conventional tube light, the batten light doesn’t make use of mercury, as a result, it produces less heat and consumes less electricity.

What factors should you consider while buying a Batten light?

With a bright light and wide beam angles LED Batten lights are very practical lights for storage, car parking, garage and workshop areas.

Though Batten lights are a huge advantage over the traditional fluorescent tube lights, there are still some considerations you need to make before buying a LED Batten light

IP rating: The IP rating indicates if the light being suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Integrated LED: Make sure to buy integrated LED batten and not a LED tube battens. Integrated LED Batten is much streamlined and practical to use.

Size: There is various Batten size available in the market. However, make sure to buy the one that is more easily available in most of the places. Generally, 2 feet, 4 feet batten lights are common in use.

Colour temperature: Look for the right colour temperature. Depending on where you use it, the colour temperature may vary. 3000k-4000k colour temperature may give you a more soft ambience in a traditional area while in a place like a garage or a workshop, 5000k colour spectrum will work better.

How to wire led batten lights

This part of the article shows how to wire a led batten light in a simple, basic, and clear manner.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to wire a LED batten light.

  1. Switch off the power supply before installation.
  2. Read the installation manual sheet carefully and be familiar with the luminaire and installation processes.
  3. Detach the upper part from the lower part by pulling them apart from one end. The cable between the upper part and base part can be disconnected if it is connected for ease of installation.
  4. Determine where you wish to place the led batten and mark the points at which the led batten will be fixed. If you are making use of a surface conduit box, please make sure the boxes are at 600mm centres.
  5. Drill and secure the main body/base in place, dressing the supply cable through either of the three rear entry points or end caps.
  6. Connect the mains wiring as indicated in the guide below, 

Brown (L) Live, Blue (N) Neutral, and Green/Yellow (G/Y) Earth.a

  1. Put up the led tray and connect the two support straps to the tabs on the main body.
  2. Connect the led supply wire and earth connections, then snap the LED plate onto the main body, making sure that it is properly located along the whole length without trapping any cables.
  3. Activate and switch on the power supply to test the luminaire.

Alternatively, You can get your light fixed by Certified Professional

How to change the light in led batten

This is a step-by-step guide to change the batten light. Follow the process step by step.

Step 1: Disconnect the led batten light from its source of electricity.

Trying to change the light in the light batten without disconnecting the power supply is more like a suicide mission as the individual doing that will be at high risk of electrical shock.

Step 2: Look out for the ballast and expunge them.

If the fitting has an electronic ballast, you have to get rid of it so as to prevent damage to the LED tube.

Sever or cut the wires from the ballast unit and expunge the unit, connect the loose wires to create a circuit. Ensure the connections are secure and insulated.

If the fixture and the tube is magnetic ballast, you will either need to remove or bypass a magnetic ballast entirely.

Step 3: Connect the new light tube carefully.

Carefully and gently connect your new LED tube to the fixture. On one end of the tube, there is a live connection while at the other end is a neutral connection.

Make sure the wires in the fitment correspond to this because connecting both live and neutral to one end of the LED tube, will cause a short circuit.

Step 4: Reconnect the led batten back to the source of the power supply.

Before doing this, make sure that all the steps above have been checked thoroughly, and there are no wires left loose.

Switch on the light and check if the luminaire is functioning and operating properly.

The led tube is not meant to flicker or make a buzzing sound. If you experience this, disconnect the light from the electricity supply then follow the steps above all over.

Step 5: Properly discard the old tubes.

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    LED Downlight is a kind of light fixture which is put in a hollow cavity in the ceiling.

    Downlights are one of the commonly used lighting fixtures in modern houses. It produces warm lighting which is unobtrusive when compared to other lighting fixtures.

    This feature makes the downlight extremely popular.

    Although downlights are popular, some people end up buying a not so good or imperfect one. When choosing a downlight for your home there are some features that need to be considered.

    One of the few things to be considered when getting a downlight include;

    ✅ The Energy consumed and how bright the light is. In contrast to other lighting fixtures, Led downlights produce a very bright beam of light.

    At the same time, it also consumes a considerably low amount of energy.

    Beam Angle: this is the quantity of light that spreads from the light and it is mostly measured in angles. In contrast to the ordinary light fixtures that have a beautiful angle of 360°, most downlights have a beam angle of 45°.

    In selecting a beam angle for your downlights, we will suggest that you do that with respect to where the downlights will be fixed and the type of lighting you want in the room.

    ✅  Spacing: when installing downlights we must consider the spacing with respect to the beam angle in order to ensure proper lighting of the house.

    When using a download with a small beam angle, the spacing should be about 1m but if the bond angle is greater the spacing should also be greater at about 1.5m.

    ✅  Color Rendering Index: CRI is the measure of how well a light will show the colour of an object when compared to how the colour of the object will be shown under natural sunlight.

    Getting and fixing a downlight in your home is good, but getting and installing the best and perfect downlight is often not that easy.

    As we know that there are a lot of brands of downlights across the Australian market. Some of the downlight brands are not as good as the others while some of them are the best.

    Here, we have come up with some of the most trusted and popular downlight brands in Australia;

    ➡ Luna Downlight by Emerald Planet Smart Solutions

    The Emerald Planet Solution is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial, commercial, and residential-led lightings.

    The company is a standard Australian company that strives to provide high energy-efficient products at very affordable prices.

    The company hasn’t produced substandard products either as some do in order to reduce the price of the downstairs.

    This downlight from Emerald Planet Smart Solutions is a very efficient one and it offers 70 and 90 cut out options in models that uses an energy of 5 or 10 Watts.

    Luna downlight gives the flexibility to match pre-existing lighting colours because of its tri-colour temperature technology.

    Downlights from Teknik Lighting Solutions

    Including residential up to high-end commercial and retail, Teknik lighting solutions offer a wide range of downlights for all applications.

    Notable Downlights produced by Teknik lighting solutions are;

    • The HALO led downlight is a very versatile led downlight with a beam angle of 60° which can be adjusted to 30° as well as an advanced front lens that ensures optimal illumination and reduces the light glare.
    • The SOL led downlight has an aluminium body, a lens that ensures low-glare, and a wide range of dimming compatibility together with selectable colour temperatures.
    • The RIPPLE led downlight produces improved lighting when compared to traditional halide lamps. It is easy to install and hassle-free because of its slim shape and high-quality stainless steel spring clips.
    • The GEM led downlight is a go-to downlight when a good quality downlight is needed on a budget. It has an aluminium body that is coated like plastic.

    HV5528T by Havit Lightning

    While most downlights have a CRI of 80,  this downlight by Havit Lighting has a CRI of 90 which makes objects viewed under it clearly seen as though they were under natural sunlight.

    This downlight instead of having a plastic body has a full aluminium body and this increases the heat produced by the downlight and runs the downlight at a much lower temperature which makes the downlight last much longer.

    Optica Downlight by Mercator lighting

    The Optical downlight is made fully of aluminium unlike other downlights in its category.

    This downlight performs well and it also looks neat and unique in its style and design.

    It is dimmable and it comes with a switch that can be used to flick through daylight, warm and cool all in one.

    Domus Boost and Bliss by Domus lighting

    The Domus Boost and Bliss downlight by Domus Lighting has a colour-changing feature that allows it to change from warm white 3000k, to cool white 4000k and daylight at 5500k.

    The Domus  Boost and Bliss model despite having a beam angle of 90° give off a less light glare.

    This downlight is efficient at 10w and gives an output of 800 lumens, which is about twice the amount of the old 20w halogen downlights.

    Blitz and Titan by Martec

    Martec’s downlight has the highest lumen output when compared to other downlights in the same price range.

    It also has features like a colour-changing temperature switch, it does not rust or corrode because it is fully polycarbonate.

    It can be dimmed fully down to 10% and it also has a  low failure rate.

    XDK10 Trimless LED Downlight by Trend Lightings

    This downlight by Trend Lightings has a lumen output of about 1400 at 10w. Usually, a downlight of 13w only gives an output of about 1000 lumens, this feature makes it about 40% more efficient than other downlights.

    Also, the CRI of this downlight is very high at 90 while most downlights have a CRI of 80.

    It also comes with an option to choose the “Vivid” menu which gives off just under 100 CRI and makes an object viewed under it appear as though it is viewed under natural sunlight.

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    Upgrade your Halogen Downlights to LED Downlights from $18.99. Request for a free LED assessment.

      The Story of LEDs

      A lot of innovations in lighting in recent years can be traced to the LED industry, in 2014 the three scientists who invented the original blue led, known for its efficiency, won Nobel Prizes in Physics.

      Due to this fact, the United Nations famously dubbed 2015 as the Year of Light.

      The purpose behind this was to raise awareness and encourage moving away from traditional bulbs towards a more promising future, where LED lights would make up the majority of the market.

      With such awards and international recognition, we might be led to think that LED lighting has reached its pinnacle, but in reality, the future seems to be even more promising.

      The development of LED technology is far from done and as such it’s becoming more and more important to businesses and consumers alike.

      Globally LED lights already make up about half of all light sources. Needless to say, this is a tremendous achievement, but according to researchers, by 2030 approximately 87% of all light sources could be LEDs.

      A big part of why LED lighting is taking over the global market can be credited to just how more commercially viable they are.

      LED lights have lesser energy costs, a much longer lifespan and for basically all general applications – better quality.

      Another reason for the swift rise in market share and the projected numbers is their constant development.

      The possible applications and existing features for LED lights are an ever-expanding list.

      Just the betterment of lumen density (measuring unit for brightness) has made LEDs a viable option for massive commercial uses, such as lighting bridges, stadiums, and other giant structures or spaces.

      At the same time, as LED technology is getting better, they become more affordable for the average consumer or business.

      What’s Next?

      While it’s true that the led market is rapidly growing, most Australians don’t demand anything fancy from their lights, they just need it to be able to turn off and on.

      But this status quo will is changing, and it’s changing fast.

      As mentioned previously, one of the reasons why researchers believe LEDs will dominate the market more and more as years go on is the constant development of this technology.

      Now LED lights don’t just need to have an on and off switch – they need to be intelligent and efficient. As Steve Kennelly, a senior manager for lighting and medical at Microchip Technology inc. stated

      “Being able to adjust the light… not only the brightness but the colour as well… is very important.

      Consumers now want networking, so the lights can talk to each other.”

      This need for more than just on and off is happening in every market and country alike, and Australia is no exception.

      Whether it’s in cameras, street lighting, fridges, automobiles, machine vision systems – they all are moving towards the same trend.

      Even in the medical industry, physicians would like the freedom to lower, raise and change the brightness and colour of their lights. The possibilities are endless for businesses and consumers alike.

      Why Is LED Industry Growing So Fast?

      • LED lights last longer. They can last as long as 100 000 hours, approximately equivalent to 30 years, without malfunctioning.
      • LED lights can save energy and money. LED lights can save up to 90% in energy costs.
      • LED lights can do more than on and off. Features like dimming capabilities, changing light colour, remote control.
      • LED is a more eco-friendly option.

      Beyond Just On&Off

      The only lights that even have the potential to satisfy this new type of demand, are LED lighting systems. As we know, innovation goes hand in hand with demand.

      This is why hardware and software engineers are working on bettering the existing technology of LED lights and come up with new features and even a new breed of LED drivers.

      Industrial LED lighting systems have already been proven just how much more efficient and better they are compared to traditional options.

      Saving as much as 90% In costs, companies are able to save thousands of dollars each year by utilizing this technology. But the smart LED systems can do much more.

      More than just bottom-line dollars and cents savings, intelligent or smart LED systems can have an immense impact on production efficiency, sustainability and contribute in a huge way to overall facility performances.

      Human-Centric LED lights

      Human-centric LED lighting means consumers or businesses using the technology to create the most effective and desirable environment for them.

      How can this be done? Number one would probably be changing colour LEDs.

      In many cases, LED is a better option because of its broader quality of light and smoother colour spectrum, which is more similar to the sun than other artificial lights.

      Because LEDs can change colour and smart LEDs are able to automate this process, it’s possible to have more blue light during the day, and more warm light during the later hours, to simulate our natural light – the sun.

      Researchers corollate being exposed to more natural-like colours to better mental states and better productivity.

      The second big plus is dimmable and occupancy sensing capabilities. Not only can LEDs change colour, but they can also be dimmed which means it can play well alongside natural light.

      Occupancy sensing helps in decreasing the amount of energy used in illuminating rooms that are empty. Typically done with motion or heat sensors.

      This is not only convenient and money-saving but also great for the environment.

      IoT – The Internet of Things

      This refers to ever-expanding devices that support internet connectivity. This means that can be communicated via the internet.

      What this does is simplify and automate the much-needed process of controlling tens maybe hundreds of lights at once.


      The newest concept.

      The basic concept here is to using lights rather than radio waves that can transfer data, up to 100 times faster! The Nobel Prize winner in 2014, Shuji Nakamura has named Li-Fi, “the next step in LED technology

      With all this, you should have a better idea as to how bright the future of LED is, globally and in Australia alike!

      Solar street lights are the elevated light source that is powered by solar panels. The panel charges a rechargeable battery which in turn powers a fluorescent or LED lamp.

      These solar panels are either mounted on the lighting structure or integrated into the poles themselves.

      Solar street lights due to their sustainability and economic benefits very popular. They are commonly used to replace regular street light on roads, runways, stadiums, stations and more.

      solar street lights

      Components of Solar Street Light

      Solar panel:

      This is the most important part of our solar street lights, they convert energy into electricity.

      They exist in two types, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline.

      Monocrystalline and polycrystalline

      To make this less bulky, we have compiled some key points.  This will make it easy for you to identify both from each other.

      However, it is important to note that they both produce energy from the sun.


      • Have higher efficiency than polycrystalline and a sleek appealing look.
      • Regarded as a premium solar product.
      • They are single-crystal silicon.
      • The conversion rate is high.


      • Have lower efficiency than monocrystalline and tend to have a blue hue, unlike monocrystalline.
      • Has the advantage of being less expensive compared to monocrystalline
      • They are referred to as multi/many crystal silicon.
      • The conversion rate is lower than the monocrystalline.

      Solar Street Lights


      Lighting Fixture:

      LEDs are used in modern solar street light as the source of lighting. LED  provides a higher luminosity and consumes low power.

      The energy consumption of lightning fixture rate to that of HPS fixture is at least 50% lower.

      Rechargeable battery:

      The rechargeable battery is a part of the solar street light.  It stores the energy converted to electricity from solar panel during the day and provide light at night.

      The capacity of a battery is very important to determine the lifetime of the light.

      There are two types of batteries for solar street lights namely.

      Gel cell deep cycle batteries and lead-acid batteries.

      Solar Street Lights


      If you have ever looked so closely, you would notice that each street light always individually has a pole with a street light attached to it. Ever wondered why?

      It is because heavy components are required to create a street solar light and hence, a stable pole is needed to raise the lights.

      Advantages of Solar Street Light

      There are several advantages of solar light but its primary advantage is its ability to self-sustain, hence sometimes referred to as a self-sustaining unit.

      A solar light doesn’t require any manual operation such as switching it on or off, it works automatically, turning off automatically by sensing outdoor light using solar panel voltage.

      They are designed to work throughout the night. Also, the light doesn’t depend on the grid to power it hence, this indicates it is a self-powered unit.

      It’s important to note that solar street lights are capable of illuminating throughout the night regardless of power cuts and bad weather conditions.

      Extremely cost-effective

      Another importance of solar street lights is that they are cost-effective.

      They are not budget-friendly initially when setting up the light. But over time, they are cost-effective (we’d explain that as you read on.).

      They are a great and effective option to invest in if you consider the capital, running, and maintenance costs.

      One, solar lights are dependent on solar energy only and hence, there is no need to pay for electricity every month, as long as the sun remains up in the sky.

      Unlike, regular street lights, solar street lights offer long-term benefits.

      The lights are wireless and independent of any utility grid so you won’t be spending any costs for installing the lights.

      Also, since it is automatic and not manual handling, you might save money regarding maintenance.

      Environmental Friendly and  Energy Saving

      Solar Street Lights

      This is one of the advantages of solar street light, there’s no pollution and it saves energy.


      One, solar doesn’t use fuel and makes use of solar energy only, in other words, there is no form of air pollution such as exhaust.

      Solar energy is environmentally friendly and resource-efficient because solar energy is unlimited, imperishable, and renewable energy.

      Non-renewable energy sources, on the other hand, such as gas, coal, oil, etc. can run out and perish.

      Hence, more of the human population is now moving more closer to using solar light seeing as it is environmentally free and resource-efficient.

       Easy Installation and Easier Setup

      Solar street lights are not dependent on electricity. They are independent and are not connected to any electricity provider hence the cabling required to connect the solar panel to the LED is very minimal.

      There are also no visible external wires used hence, they do not pose any threats of an electrical accident, strangulation, or overheating.

      On the other hand, a regular street lighting project will take more time and human labour since it involves digging, cables, cable pipe laying etc.

      It requires a lot of labour, equipment, and additional cost on other needed types of equipment, unlike the solar lighting system.

      Solar light is an independent unit and as stated above, a saving option because it does not need digging or labour, etc.

      It is stronger as a stand-alone

      Regular street light electricity unlike solar lighting makes great use of intertwined dependent cables.

      That simply means that if a problem arises in one part, it can easily affect many other connected parts and in turn, affect the whole system.

      This, on the other hand, is not a problem for solar street lighting, considering that each unit is an independent power generating system.

      No Extra Cost and Easy Theft of Materials

      Laying cables and materials around can cost you greatly as cable theft is a common problem especially in remote areas.

      These, however, can be avoided when using a solar lighting system since each unit is independent and free from any cable connection.

      Hence, you wouldn’t need to spend on cables or even make use of them.

      Easy Maintenance and Easier to Handle

      Solar street lighting uses an automatic on and off feature. This feature is controlled by built-in intelligence and the installation process is simple and time-saving.

      To install, the only thing they require is basic tools, minimal labour and maintenance, requires little tasks such as cleaning once in a while to maintain.

      Otherwise, there is nothing much required to set it up and preserve its longevity.

      You Can Easily Work With Your Budget

      One of the best things about solar lighting is that you can cut your coat according to your size. There are several types of street solar lights available out there with different features, prices, sizes, capacities, etc.

      Each is properly designed to suit one’s functional needs.

      Every year, solar lightning technology grows as researchers and scientists keep working hard to provide the public with the best effective solar panels at lesser prices.

      Disadvantages of Using Solar Street Lights

      Solar Street Lights

      The biggest disadvantage of solar lights is weather conditions. Bad weather can sometimes cause solar lights not to give optimal backup.

      Solar street lights are used for several purposes including airport lighting, highway and roadway lighting, park lighting, commercial and industrial projects, as well as outdoor security lighting.

      Everything in this world has its advantage and disadvantages, including energy sources and the same goes for solar energy. Let’s dive right into it and look over some of the drawbacks of solar street lights.

      Expensive than regular lights

      Solar street lights are expensive than regular street lights. Now, this isn’t in light of the installation fee, maintenance fee, etc.

      This is in terms of buying the solar street light itself. In comparison with regular street lights, they are more expensive to acquire hence, require a bigger initial investment.

      Though for the first time it looks like you need to invest a bigger amount, in the long run, the overall cost is lower than that of the regular traditional lights considering the electricity consumption, maintenance cost and the life span.

      High risk of theft

      There’s a high risk of theft of solar street light compared to regular street light because it is costly and not wired.

      Although as stated above, cable theft is not possible, however, another important part can be stolen such as the components of solar street light because they have a high monetary value.

      Dysfunctionality when placed in extreme weather conditions

      During extremely harsh weather conditions, the solar panels may not function very well and hence, lead to reduced energy production.


      Because snow, dust, or moisture (depending on the weather) can get accumulated on horizontal solar panels affecting its performance from drawing energy from the sun and the performance of the panels.

      It is advised to always install panels at an angle to avoid snow, water, or dust accumulation.

      However, it is advised to regularly check the panels and other parts of the light to ensure nothing is going wrong and also extend its lifespan.

      Replacement of batteries regularly

      The modern lithium batteries used in solar street lights have a longer life span compared to other batteries but, that doesn’t mean they can’t get exhausted.

      Rechargeable batteries can get exhausted after a long time and when such happens, they should be replaced.

      In conclusion,

      The disadvantage of using solar street lights weigh pretty negligible compared to its advantages.

      Solar power has unending benefits and it has already emerged as cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

      energy effeciency

      Upgrading to LED lighting has many advantages in commercial and industrial buildings. Commercial LED lights are energy-efficient. They have a longer life span compared to conventional lighting fixtures.

      Yearly, you can save a huge amount of money by simply using LED lightings. LED lights are the best alternative to high energy-consuming lighting fixtures like halogen lights. The ongoing maintenance cost with the lED lighting is almost negligible.

      Australian Government has approved many commercials LED lighting solutions with a reduced cost to help commercial projects easily upgrade their lighting solutions.

      Commercial LED lights are known for their numerous advantages to owners of commercial premises and are frequently used in retail shops, workplaces, and hospitals among others.

      Commercial  LED lights like LED high bays, LED panels and LED battens offers a huge reduction in the annual electric cost.

      There is a wide scope of business or commercial lighting fixtures accessible and available for your indoor and outside applications.

      There are different kinds of high-quality indoor and outdoor energy-efficient LED lighting types available in the market. let’s check out some of the commonly used commercial lighting fixtures.

      Commercial LED Lights

      Commercial Lighting

      Business owners use commercial light for various purposes. It may be to portray the positive image of a business venture or to

      Various commercial lights are used by business owners for a variety of purposes. For one, it can be used to portray the positive image of a business venture.

      Surface Mount Ceiling Lights

      Surface mount commercial light fixtures are regularly appended to a roof through the chain and work admirably in momentary areas like walk-in closets, hallways, foyers, and also amazing art exhibits.

      Suspended LED Lights

      Suspended straight lighting is perfect for your retail store, office space, and this product is available in T5, T8, and LED choices to make tastefully satisfying lighting in a wide exhibit of styles and sizes.

      Gooseneck & Barn Lights

      Barn lighting is one of the most impressive lighting ideas, which would create a world-class design. It comes in various styles, illumination, colours, and sizes that would definitely suit the needs of your industrial space for many years.

      Drop Ceiling Lights

      Without drop ceiling lights, offices would have to spend a lot more money on light fixtures.

      However, thanks to this great feature of a dropped ceiling, lighting can be incorporated right into the ceiling without any hassle.

      Usually, you place a fluorescent bulb above a translucent panel, which allows light through.

      Exit Signs and Emergency Lights

      Exit Signs and Emergency Lights now take it to the next level by offering the complete spectrum of benefits that would help us in any sort of emergency to protect both your employees and your customers.

      These lights are usually great for our business, ensuring you’ve found the steps to prevent any form of accidents and injuries.

      Wrap Lighting Fixtures

      Wrap lighting fixtures are amazing led light that has an amazing design that is well suited for big interior spaces, for example, military bases, government buildings, schools, hospitals, and others.

      Wafer Lights

      When it comes to wafer LEDs, we have different shapes, sizes, and designs perfect for your architectural pendant mounts, shallow ceiling applications, and surface mounting.

      UV Disinfecting Lights

      Ultraviolet light (UVC) is a method of treating drinking water by the use of ultraviolet radiation to inactivate micro-organisms.

      Stairway Lighting

      With the proper outdoor stairway lighting, you will have both aesthetic and security access to your property or business.

      Hospital Bed Lights

      LED hospital bed lighting is perfect for the use of patients for their own needs.

      Grow Lights

      Some gardening buffs grow plants indoors during the winter, but grow lights tend to be hot energy hogs that often scorch tender young plants.

      Refrigeration Lighting

      You can fix or upgrade your refrigeration lighting with one of the quality refrigeration lights in no time. refrigeration lighting is designed to be easy to install without the help of Refrigeration Mechanics.

      What is Commercial Lighting?

      Any and all businesses have come to a realization that keeping their business property well-lit throughout the day and night time is very important.

      Ensuring that you have the proper commercial lights for your particular business needs is crucial to preventing potential injuries which can result in severe financial damages to your business.


      LED downlights are often as easy to install as any normal incandescent light bulb. Most applications involve plugging them into a socket that runs off your mains Alternating Current


      Uplighters are a useful source of illumination. They are fixtures that allow for light to be directed upwards. This helps to reduce glare and create a more relaxed gentle light.

      Here are some examples of what commercial lights look like:

      • Suspended Linear Led lighting
      • Commercial Emergency Lights
      • Troffer Light Fixtures
      • 4 ft LED Wrap Lights
      • LED Flat Panel Lights
      • Gooseneck Lights
      • Exit Signs

      What are the different forms of commercial lighting fixtures?

      Commercial light fixtures differ in style, colour, size, luminosity, and structure.  Therefore, one can group commercial lights into the following categories:

      • Grow Lights
      • Neon Lights
      • Barn Lights
      • Surface Mount Ceiling Lights
      • Beacon Lights
      • Drop Ceiling Lights
      • Sign Lighting
      • UV Disinfecting Lights
      • Suspended LED Lights
      • Track Lighting
      • Wall Lights
      • Flood Lights
      • Gooseneck Lights
      • Street Lights
      • Recessed Lighting
      • Security Lights

      NOTE: Any of the above lights can be purposed for indoor or outdoor usage with commercial LED lighting quickly turning into the predominant type of illumination.

      Here are some interesting instances of where commercial LED lights are used:

      • Roller Skating Rink Lighting Tips
      • Best Yoga Studio Lighting Ideas
      • Pet Shelter Lighting
      • Playroom Lighting
      • Art Museum Lighting
      • Auditorium Lighting
      • Church Lighting

      E-Green Electrical is an expert in commercial LED light replacement. Contact us today for commercial and business LED upgrades.

      Whether you have 10 or 200 lights to replace the cost is just a one-off of $33 for the lot. Supply and install. We help your change your old fluro tubes to LED + unlimited downlights replaced per project at no cost.


      Do LED light really make a difference?

      LED lights are a great alternative to traditional light systems.

      They are far more energy-efficient than traditional light systems. There are a lot of magnificent benefits to LEDs from saving on money to aiding the environment.

      LED or light-emitting diode is a semiconductor light source. LEDs are really a bunch of individual units.

      LED bulbs are made utilizing as many as 180 bulbs for every cluster, and encased in diffuser focal points which spread the light in more extensive beams.

      Large numbers of these produce white light but others create the light of different frequencies.

      At the point when LEDs were introduced in 1962 there the first purpose was indicator lamps in many devices. Presently everything from industry to home appliances use LED.

      LEDs have incredible benefits over traditional light. Let’s dive into the details:

      • LED lights are energy efficient
      • Long-lasting
      • Safe to touch
      • Design flexibility
      • Cost-effective
      • Durable
      • Eco-friendly
      • Negligible UV emission
      • Low fire-risk

      Energy Efficient

      One of the primary disadvantages of traditional lighting is that a ton of the energy they consume is wasted.

      Truth be told, just around 20% of a typical light bulb’s energy is converted over into valuable light, the rest is lost as wasted heat.

      This is to a great extent because of their plan and the fibres they use. LED Lights don’t have a similar issue. They convert around 80% of the energy they use into helpful light.

      This implies they utilize much less energy in accomplishing a similar brilliance. It just takes around 4 watts of energy for a LED Bulb to accomplish 60 Watts of brightness.

      This is much more noteworthy than Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) or Halogen bulbs.


      The average life expectancy of traditional lighting is around 1,000 hours. This is on the grounds that their fragile fibres heat up and burn out rapidly.

      Accordingly, you can expect to be changing your bulbs a couple of times each year, an expense that mounts up over the long run. Since they don’t depend on the filament, LED Bulbs can last much longer.

      They last anywhere somewhere in the range of 30,000 and 50,000 hours. Thus, you may be changing a LED Light once over a period of several years.

      Safe to Touch

      Many people had the less than wonderful experience of unscrewing a hot light. With LED’s, no compelling reason to stress over contacting the bulbs when lit.

      LED lights work at extremely low temperatures, which makes them protected to contact consistently. While traditional lights are burning up, these lights stay cool to the touch.

      Design Flexibility

      This is probably the coolest component of LED. LEDs have the capacity of changing colours, shapes, and being formed into almost any design, including furniture, desk’s, and even showerheads.

      While traditional lights are restricted to one colour and only lamps, LEDs are fit for evolving colours, have diminished lights, and even be controlled from a controller, giving you full power over how you show your LED Lights.


      Probably the greatest downside about these Bulbs is cost. The underlying asking cost for a LED Bulb is fundamentally higher than traditional light.

      Nonetheless, try not to be put off by this. These are intended to pay for themselves over time, so as opposed to shying away from the quick value, you ought to ascertain the cost throughout a long period of time.

      The actual cost of traditional lights is much more than its underlying cost. With the additional time, you will end up paying significantly more in labour expenses, substitution costs, and electricity bills.

      Because of their low energy use and longer life expectancy, these Lights start paying for themselves rapidly by bringing down your power bills and maintenance costs.


      LED Lights are actually a lot more durable than traditional lights. Traditional lights are very delicate, especially their fragile fibres.

      LED Light Bulbs can withstand a ton of discipline before they break, making them even more versatile.

      The energy proficiency and cost adequacy of LED Light Bulbs is truly driving interest and demand. And soon you can anticipate that they should be utilized in seven more commercial and domestic light setups.

      It really is an ideal opportunity to bid goodbye to traditional lights and ephemeral Compact Fluorescent.

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      These lights are completely environment friendly, for they don’t contain any harmful material or compound. Different bulbs generally convey things like mercury, which is perilous for the climate.

      Negligible UV emission

      LEDs produce a trifling measure of UV rays. Likewise, the immaterial measure of infrared light is transmitted by them. In this way, these are invaluable with regards to lighting art galleries or other such places.


      Indeed, reduced degrees of heat has an amazing effect here. If the heat is decreased, the dangers of overheating will likewise be reduced.

      Along these lines, the bulbs can be kept near flammable things with no dangers or risks.

      No danger of burning

      On account of their high proficiency, LED lights generate significantly less waste heat than traditional lights.

      These turn out to be so hot during operation that they should not be touched. LED lights are generally hand-warmed, so there is no danger or risk of burns.

      This makes it simple, for instance, to adjust a LED floor light while it is turned on.

      Be that as it may, be cautious, there are a few exceptions: There are some small but powerful LED lights. Because of their design, there is just an insignificant cooling surface, where the heat loss can be dissipated.

      Subsequently, these lights can turn out to be hot in spite of LED technology and ought not to be touched during operation.

      LED benefits expand to areas other than home lighting also. Considering LED lights during the Christmas occasion is additionally a smart energy conservation idea.

      Driven lights are cool and energy effective during the season when energy use rises fundamentally. LED lights and electric lamps are extraordinary for outdoors, fishing, sailing, and hunting.

      Driven lighting is one of the best long-term solution for your home, outdoor, and business lighting needs.

      Now you know the benefits of LED light over incandescent lighting, you may want to upgrade your traditional lights to LED fittings.

      Get a FREE LED upgrade consultation from our energy efficiency experts today.


      Downlight Installation in Sydney under NSW energy saving scheme

      What is an LED downlight?

      Downlight is recessed luminaires installed in the ceiling, so the light source is placed above the top’s plane. They produce a bright directional light.

      Once installed, you will see from the downlight is the lens of the light bulb with a circular bezel that offers you a choice of bezel finishes, from brushed aluminium and brass to black or white ceramic, making it easy to match the light with your room’s décor.

      Users of LED downlight

      LED downlights to offer a longer-lasting lighting option, therefore preferred as the right solution for household and workplace use.

      Commonly, it is installed in the living room and the kitchen. Due to their flexible design, they add charm to any room. Whether it’s a home, shop, or office, LED downlight are highly versatile.

      They come in multiple styles, making it easy to choose any taste that appeals to you, accentuating the kind of design you require to be installed following the different colours that help improve the appearance of any room, providing a more comfortable light suitable for homes. Cool white is preferable in the workplaces, offering a well luminous environment.

      Benefits of upgrading to LED downlight

      If you are looking for the best versatile lighting, then LED, downlights are the best way to go. They have a lot more advantage as compared to the traditional lighting;

      • They have a longer lifespan.

      Even though they are more expensive to purchase and install than regular bulbs, they significantly save energy and reduce unnecessary replacement cost for standard bulbs. LEDs make it more cost-effective in the longer term.

      They have a great life expectancy, with the average bulb emitting light for around 50,000 hours, and some brands also have a boost of up to 100,000 hours of usage. If used for approximately 8 hours a day, then LEDs should give you a service lifespan of 17 years.

      • They are more energy-efficient.

      The energy consumption rate accounts for around 10% of electricity in households and commercial premises, rising as much as 40%. LED lights bulbs are highly energy-efficient compared to energy-hungry incandescent bulbs, therefore guaranteeing saving money on your electrical bill.

      • They are environmentally friendly.

      LED downlights to contain no hazardous solids, liquids or gases such as mercury or tungsten, meaning they are safer for the environment.

      Therefore, with their ability to use direct lighting, they don’t create the same light pollution as the traditional lighting, producing cold light.

      They have lower power discharge, which cannot have any detrimental effect on the eyes. Also, they don’t produce ultra-violet light, thus eradicating the possibility of skin damage.

      Choosing LED lighting means that you are selecting toxins and pollutants free lighting and possible to recycle.

      • They are directional lighting.

      LED downlights are ideal for directional lighting as they are designed to shine in a specific direction. It’s easy to direct the LED light exactly where you need the light creating more comfortable. Whereas standard lights emit light in all directions about how they operate, the only way to direct its light is to use reflectors.

      • They have different colours and designs.

      LED lights are available in different colours and shades, allowing you to beautify your room with the right style setting. Due to its uniqueness, LEDs light can produce the same soft, warm glow as incandescent lighting, dimming and maintaining their true colours.

      • They are easier to install and maintain

      LED lights are easy for experts to install and uninstall; always ensure you have a qualified electrician during the installation of your downlights.

      Installing downlight in Sydney

      Downlights in Sydney has recently become increasingly popular, mainly due to their sleek and stylish design, low power consumption, sustainability and more particularly due to the financial aid by the Australian government under the NSW energy saving scheme.

      This energy-saving scheme is directly helping people in Sydney to slash their energy bills dramatically.

      The financial incentives provided under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme grants E-Green Electrical the gateway to claiming the subsidies on your behalf so you only need to pay a fraction of the price for your LED upgrade.

      Technically, to install downlights, you will be required to have the following tools necessary for the installation process;

      • Drill
      • Drill bits
      • Drywall saw
      • Hole cutting drill attachment
      • Voltage tester
      • Wire stripper
      • Safety glasses
      • Lineman’s pliers
      • Stud finder

      Follow up the steps below for an easy installation process or hire an expert who can help you upgrade LED Downlights in a more professional way.

      • Measuring out where you want to place the LED lights, mark the central point and once done, drill a small pilot hole into the ceiling.
      • Confirm if there are obstructions. You are commonly done by folding some wire and poking it through your pilot holes at an angle of 90-degree and rotating it 360 degrees.
      • Mark the ceiling’s size instead of using a hole saw and cut your spot to the correct needed size.
      • Once done, pull the correct wiring through the hole and wire the LED light to fit your downlight, hold the two springs back and push it into the holes.


      The benefits from downlights upgrade under government NSW new energy scheme in Sydney.

      The NSW energy saving scheme offers financial incentives to install energy-efficient lighting for businesses and households for Sydney residents.

      This NSW energy saving scheme primarily focuses to help residents and small business owners to replace the old conventional downlights with energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED downlights at a very affordable price.

      The cost amount of the LED lights and the installation fee is subsidized. Recently, the offer targets the replacement of halogen downlights with LED downlights.

      How much you can save by upgrading to LED downlights

      Residential LEDs — especially ENERGY STAR rated products — use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.

      Particularly if you are a small business owner, you can save a huge amount on annual basis by upgrading to LED lightings. How much will you save with LED upgrade? Find it now by using our energy saving calculator

      Under the NSW energy saving scheme, the residential downlights supply and installations are available from $18.99.
      If you are a small business owner looking for LED downlight upgrades, you can take advantage of NSW small business energy-saving scheme where you get a complete LED to upgrade for just $33.
      Commercial Highbays are available from $85 with supply and installation service included.

      Are you looking for a professional company to install recessed lights in your home or business? If so, please contact us today.  We offer LED upgrades and installation through our certified electricians who offer the best services to our client. We will also claim all government rebates available. This is why you receive a heavily discounted LED upgrade!

      Our experts also offer maintenances services at a pocket-friendly cost. Join our services today.

      If you want your business to thrive, it all starts with the office building. Taking control of your use of lighting will help you improve your office building and the way you spend money.

      Lighting accounts for upward of 40% of the energy that you use in your commercial building. Without question, LED provides the best office lighting solutions on the planet right now.

      Here’s what you should know about LED panel lighting.

      It Saves an Abundance of Energy

      Investing in commercial LED lighting lets you save plenty of money on your energy bills. Lowering your bills means lower overhead costs, which makes your company more profitable.

      Not only do LED lights save 75% more energy, but they also run cooler while still giving you amazing performance. Saving energy also makes your company more eco-friendly. The government even offers an energy program that gives you the opportunity to upgrade to LED for only $33.

      Taking the time to reduce your company’s carbon footprint lets you remain environmentally conscious. Customers today support businesses that are socially conscious, so this practice can build long-term equity.

      The Lights Work Better and Keep You Productive

      LED lighting is also a more effective form of lighting to use in your office. The difference in brightness is tremendous when you switch to LED. As such, you and your employees won’t have to strain when using your devices for hours on end.

      Poor vision can lead to fatigue and stress, both of which hurt productivity. Instead, switching to LED lights will help everyone feel engaged and aware when they’re on the clock.

      You Can Integrate Them With Different Forms of Technology

      Companies also use LED lighting because it’s easy to integrate with smart technology. Automation is popular right now because you can control energy costs and control everything from your lights to your HVAC system.

      You can use LED panel lighting and office automation to control the intensity of your lights and how long they’re in use. Automation lets you control your lights remotely, even changing the colours that they emit.

      They Last Longer in Your Building Through Constant Use

      You’ll get the biggest return on investment (ROI) from LED panel lighting because they last longer. These lights are durable and will give you the most bang for your buck.

      They won’t burn out as quickly as traditional light sources, and you can count on them to keep your office well-lit over the course of the year.

      Companies that sell these LED lights can also offer you a variety of warranties. These factors minimize your maintenance costs and keep your office at its absolute best.

      Invest in LED Panel Lighting for Your Office

      These points show exactly why LED panel lighting is worth your time and money. Investing in LED lighting in your office will serve you no matter what kind of company you run.

      We’re happy to sell you what you need when you’re ready to start experiencing tremendous savings and efficiency. We offer some best lighting products on the market and can help you with a variety of other electrical services for your building.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the LED products that we offer.


      You need your warehouse staff to be able to easily see what they’re doing on every turn. At the same time, you need to save on costs. And unfortunately, your existing lighting simply isn’t ticking both of those boxes.

      The solution? High bay LED lights.

      What are high bay LED lights? These are light fixtures designed to be used in large, open areas with high ceilings. For instance, you can find them not only in warehouses but also in gymnasiums and factories.

      Many current high bay lights use high-intensity discharge, or HID, lamps (for example, high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps). However, HID lamps use costly antiquated technology. Fortunately, high bay lights offer several benefits over these lamps.

      Here’s a rundown on why you should upgrade to high bay lights.

      Let’s jump in!

      Energy Savings

      One of the top benefits of LED high bay lights is their high efficiency. This is critical considering that the lights you choose will likely be operating for 50 hours or more per week.

      These lights consume less energy than their HID counterparts do while still producing the same output as HID lights. For instance, the wattage of HID fixtures could are usually around 400 watts. Meanwhile, LED high bay lights could be between 70 watts and 200 watts.

      As a result, you could easily save 75% of your consumption of energy with high bay lights versus HID lights. Put another way, you could save hundreds of dollars per each fixture in your facility by switching to high bay lights.


      Yet another reason to switch to LED high bay lights is their unparalleled performance when compared with HID fixtures.

      High bay LED lights are designed to distribute light evenly on surfaces. As a result, your light level on a surface won’t vary much between the areas where your fixtures are mounted.

      On the other hand, HID lights produce bright spots directly beneath the fixtures. Thus, the light level decreases dramatically between fixtures.

      Maintenance Costs

      LED high bay lights also offer the benefit of being low maintenance and reliable.

      Why? Because LED lights’ output degrades quite slowly with time. Thus, an LED light’s functional life tends to be much longer when compared with an HID lamp.

      This, in turn, reduces the maintenance costs associated with your light fixtures long term. Therefore, high bay lights are a wise lighting option if you are looking to decrease your operational costs.

      In fact, LED-related government incentives are also available for some business owners who are looking to run more sustainable businesses.

      How We Can Help with Our High Bay Lights

      We offer top-of-the-line high bay lights for commercial use at heavily reduced prices due to government rebates and incentives.

      Our lights stand out for their ability to reduce your energy consumption. They also feature a slim, clean, and bright design for a top-notch look even in the harshest of environments.

      Get in touch with us to find out more about how high bay lights can add value to your large space and benefit your bottom line in the months ahead.


      Why LED Light Replacement?

      Make the Switch to LED Lights for Ultimate Savings, Safety, And Convenience.

      Make The Switch to LED Lights

      LED light offers significant energy savings over incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent alternatives. On average, LEDs consume 80% less energy as compared to incandescent light bulbs.

      We provide the best LED lights and qualified electricians in Sydney to help your household or business become more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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      Benefits of LED Light Replacement

      Besides being energy-efficient, LED lights also last much longer than regular lights. A longer life span means lower carbon emissions which is better for the environment. Since they last longer they don’t need to be replaced as frequently which makes them a great bang for your buck.

      LED lights are healthier and contain no toxic elements like mercury. Most regular lights contain wasteful chemicals that can’t even be disposed of in landfill waste because of contamination. Getting rid of them is expensive and an unnecessary hassle you can avoid with an LED light change over.

      Because they don’t get as hot as traditional lighting, they are also safer to use and keep in your home or office worry-free. While running at cooler temperatures, they focus light in a single direction for a better quality of light distribution. This means fewer LED lights are needed to achieve the same level of brightness as traditional lights.

      Work With Us For Your LED Light Replacement Needs

      E-Green Electrical are Sydney’s LED light experts. We’ve have been helping our clients save money and the environment. We are familiar with the various energy efficiency government rebates available to get you the best prices. Our electricians are skilled and reliable and will always provide solutions suited to your specific needs.

      Ready to Upgrade Your Lights?

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