Government LED Replacement Program

Government LED Replacement Program

Last updated on May 28, 2024

LED Replacement Program Highlights

The Government LED Replacement Program is designed to help Australians save money and protect the environment. This program is part of the Energy Savings Scheme and seeks to help homeowners upgrade old and inefficient bulbs with more efficient LED ones by offering financial incentives. 

Overview of the Program

The main reason behind this program is to help homeowners spare their wallets and the planet. According to the Department of Energy, upgrading to LED lighting can see homeowners save up to 75% more than halogen bulbs.

LED bulbs are also durable lasting up to 10 times more than traditional lights and cut emission by up to 90% thus protecting the environment. Finally, they recover their cost within 1 year which is great news to every Australian. 

The program is currently available in several states, including:

Victoria: The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program provides subsidised LED light replacement for households and businesses.

New South Wales: The NSW Government LED Replacement Program offers free LED light replacement for eligible households and businesses.

South Australia: Certified government LED replacement installers provide energy-efficient lighting upgrades for homes and businesses.

Replacement Procedure 

  • Contact approved suppliers to check your eligibility and receive quotes. Request quotes from multiple suppliers to ensure you get the best deal. Suppliers work independently, choosing their areas of operation and the products and services they offer.
  • Select the LED lights that suit your needs, and let the supplier guide you through the options and what works best for your home. 
  • Before any work begins, choose an approved supplier who will provide a nomination form for your signature. This must be signed before installation is complete, as reimbursements are not provided for completed work.
  • The supplier will send a licensed electrician to install the LED lights and address any queries about maintenance and use. They will also dispose of and recycle your old lights and any replaced equipment.
  • Enjoy your new LED lights and contact your supplier if any issues or questions arise.

LED Replacement Inclusions

What is included:

In the LED replacement program in Australia, the main inclusion is the replacement of old LED downlights, bulbs, and globes with new energy-efficient LED lights. This program does not cover other appliances upgrades. 

What is Not included: 

The Australian LED Light Replacement Program typically does not include:

  • Dimmable LED lights—standard, non-dimmable LED lights are provided, with dimmable options potentially available at an extra cost.
  • Specialty and decorative lighting, such as exterior, marine, or automotive lights, are not covered. The program focuses on common household lights.
  • Lights in new constructions or significant renovations—the program targets existing homes, excluding new builds or major renovation projects.
  • Different types of lights—specific types of lights like downlights are prioritised, and not all lighting fixtures may be included.
  • Commercial or industrial properties—the free LED replacement is for residential households only. Businesses should explore separate commercial programs.
  • Complete home replacement—there may be restrictions on the number of lights replaced for free or at a reduced rate, with homeowners responsible for additional costs beyond the program’s scope.

Cost of Replacement 

Under the Australian government’s LED light replacement program, homeowners typically incur a one-time down payment fee to cover the cost of having a licensed electrician install the new LED lights. This fee is typically around $33 (excluding GST). The LED lights themselves are provided at little to no cost due to the government subsidies.

Contact details for additional Information 

To get more details regarding LED light replacement program Australia, visit the official Department of Energy and then provide information regarding your interest and where you live in Australia, and more details will appear accordingly. 

What makes the LED Replacement Program Different 

The LED Replacement Program in Australia is unique in that it’s a government-initiated program that’s available to any Australian regardless of where they live in the country. It covers only LED lights upgrades and works with the existing electrical appliances so it will not require redoing everything as is the case with some other upgrades. 


Can I Get the Replacement for Free? 

For the government LED light replacement programs in Australia, you typically only need to pay a small down payment of around $33 to cover the electrical installation fee. The LED lights themselves are either provided for free or at a heavily subsidised cost, depending on the specific rebates and incentives available in your state.

Is this Offer Available to the NSW Residents? 

YES! The government LED lights replacement program is available in NSW under the Energy Savings Scheme.

How long is the Offer Valid?

The offer’s validity can vary, and it’s best to check with an approved supplier for the latest information. They will guide on the current status and any potential changes to the program.

How do I Benefit from the Program?

It is very simple – begin by contacting an approved supplier and let them assess whether you qualify for the program. If you do, the suppliers will help choose the best LED lights, and fill any paperwork involved. They will also help you arrange installation and disposal of current inefficient lights.

Is LED upgrade Worth it?

Absolutely. Upgrading to LED lights saves lighting costs by up to 75% and reduces maintenance costs as they can last up to 10 years. Also, LEDs produce less heat energy so you will have less burden on your air conditioner. Lastly, they pay back the initial investment within one year meaning you will enjoy more years of saving. 

What type of Light Can be Replaced Under this Program? 

The types of lights that can be replaced typically include:

  • Incandescent bulbs
  • Halogen bulbs
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps

How Much can I Save by Making the Switch? 

According to the Department of Energy, LED light replacement can help a household save up to 75% on residential  lighting costs. The department suggests that a replacement of 20 halogen downlights can result in up to $210 annual saving on your energy bills.

Who Will Claim my Government Offers and Schemes?

Your certified LED lights supplier will handle everything – from assessing whether you qualify, through facilitating installation to submitting your LED lights offers and schemes claims.

Will the Upgraded Lighting Fixtures Work with my Existing Settings?

YES. The lighting fixtures offered are designed to work perfectly with your existing infrastructure. You will therefore not need to redo your existing electrical work, and this means you save money on upgrades.

What Should I Do with the Old Lights after Upgrading? 

Your certified LED lights supplier will handle the disposal of your old lights after upgrading to LED through the government replacement programs in Australia. You can rely on their expertise to manage the process efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Where Can I Get More Information and Assistance with the Upgrade Process?

For more information you can consult an accredited supplier listed here or visit the Department of Energy that has every detail you might need.  

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