How High Should High Bay LED Lights Be?

How High Should High Bay LED Lights Be?

Last updated on October 5, 2023

High bay LED lights are mostly used for illuminating large work spaces or high-ceiling locations such as airports, warehouses and conference rooms where high visibility is essential.

For these types of spaces, the ceilings are usually within a range of 20 feet from the floor. As the name suggests, high-bay LED lights should be installed on high ceilings.

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They also require engineered and tilted reflectors of lenses to provide a light output that can be directed and reflected towards the working space so that no light is wasted.


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    High bay led lights use a beam angle between 60 degrees and 120 degrees to provide a light output that meets the requirements of the space and produces a high lux level on the floor.

    How high should high bay LED lights be?

    High bay LED lights should be mounted on ceilings between 20 to 40 feet from the floor. Most industrial and commercial spaces meet these ceiling specifications, which is why high bay lights are the most common lighting type in such areas.

    Most houses and residential buildings have ceilings lower than 20 feet which can only be equipped with low-bay LED lights.

    Adding high-bay LED lights in the right space is essential for visibility and space operations. However, close attention must be paid to ensure that high bay LED lights are only installed in spaces with high ceilings, over 20 feet.

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    Otherwise, if installed in low ceiling rooms, the might make it too bright and could take up too much space.

    How does high bay LED lights distribute light when mounted?

    High bay LED lights are designed to provide the maximum lighting output to a large space. They tend to have a large beam angle distribution that ranges from 90 degrees to 120 degrees, allowing a wide and even distribution .

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    Moreover, high bay LED lights have adjustable features that enable you to modify the output beam angle to ensure that it is concentrated on a specific area and that you will not be required to install too many fixtures to ensure a good level of lighting.

    The wider the lighting beam angle, the more evenly the light will get distributed over the working area, improving performance and minimizing accidents.

    How to mount a high bay LED light

    Installing a high bay LED light is a simple process going through the following steps.

    1. Disconnect the main power to avoid accidents and ensure safety.

    2. Complete the wiring termination: connect the black wire to the live wire, the white wire to the neutral wire, and the green wire to the ground wire. You can connect the dimmer to the dimming wire if you are installing a dimmer switch.

    3. Attach the hooks to the sides of the light and fix the chain onto the rail and adjust the height as needed

    4. connect the power supply and turn on the high bay LED light.

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    High-bay LED lights are mainly installed in commercial and industrial spaces. They need to be installed on ceilings with heights between 20 to 40 feet from the ground to ensure a better lighting output .

    During installation, you can use a lux calculator to calculate the most efficient and effective height of installation for your high bay LED lights, to ensure optimum operation


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      From $33*
      Energy Saver is an initiative proudly funded by the NSW Government
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