The Ecogenica Heat Pump Water Heater Review

The Ecogenica Heat Pump Water Heater Review

Last updated on May 23, 2024

Have you ever stared at your bills and wondered how on earth you spend such huge amounts on energy?

The answer could be because you are relying on conventional water heating methods. These methods drain your wallet and emit greenhouse gases, contributing significantly to global warming. 

As a conscious homeowner, you should replace them with modern, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible technologies like the Ecogenica heat pump water heater. Compared to conventional water heaters, the Ecogenica heat pump water heater has higher efficiency of up to 80% and lower greenhouse emissions.

If it’s the first time you hear about the Ecogenica water heater pump, this detailed review will help you make a choice.

It describes the Ecogenica water heater pump, its operational principles, key components, unique features, its pros and cons, how it compares to competitors, and its overall value. Let’s dive in and hopefully you will discover the best water heating solution! 

What is The Ecogenica Heat Pump Water Heater?

Ecogenica heat pump water heaters are devices that provide an energy-efficient alternative to heat water for Australian homes. They are available in three sizes (EG-215FRE/C, EG-260FRE/C and EG-290FRE/C).

Unlike traditional heating devices, the Ecogenica water heat pumps don’t use regular electric heating elements. 

Instead, the pump captures heat from the surrounding air and transfers it, using a refrigerant, to heat up water stored in a separate tank. 

Compared to traditional electric water heaters, Ecogenica heat pumps achieve high COP (Coefficient of Performance) values, sometimes as high as 5.18. This means they produce much more heat using less energy, and this helps save costs.

Additionally, the heat pump operates silently, and the use of R290 refrigerant results in a negligible global warming potential, rendering the Ecogenica heat pump an environmentally responsible choice for cautious homeowners.

How Does the Ecogenica Heat Pump Water Heater Work?

Outside Air Collection:

The Ecogenica heat pump collects heat from the outdoor air via an evaporator coil, and it works even on chilly days. Even though cooler air carries less BTUs (British Thermal Units), the heat pump compensates for this by using a bigger coil and fan system to gather enough heat energy.

Refrigerant Gasification:

The captured heat turns the refrigerant into a gas by raising its temperature and pressure. 

The Compressor Action:

This gasified refrigerant enters the compressor. There, its pressure and temperature spike substantially, creating a potent heated gas mixture.

Hot Water Generation:

Hot refrigerant gas flows through the condenser where it transfers heat to the water tank. This hot water is then stored in a tank ready for use in your home.

Return to Liquid State:

After heating the water, the refrigerant cools down turning back into a liquid again. Then, it circulates back to start the same cycle again.

Ecogenica Heat Pump Water Heater Components


The evaporator is the part of the Ecogenica water heater pump that has the R290 refrigerant in it. This refrigerant takes in heat from the air causing it to change state to a gas. The absorbed heat is released in the next stages to heat water for household usage.


The compressor is the heart of the system.

The refrigerant enters it as a gas after being vaporized by the evaporator. Here it’s compressed – an action that raises its temperature and pressure. Now the compressed hot gaseous refrigerant is pushed to the condenser. There, the hot gas gives off the heat it absorbed.


Like the evaporator, the condenser has coiled tubes with fins. Hot refrigerant gas flows through these tubes, releasing heat to water. After this, the refrigerant cools down to liquid again and goes back to the expansion valve to repeat the cycle.

Expansion Valve 

The expansion valve has an important job which is controlling the refrigerant entering the evaporator.

This is necessary for the Ecogenica water heater pump to work correctly. To achieve this, the expansion valve blocks the path of the high-pressure liquid refrigerant leaving the condenser.

This blockage makes the refrigerant’s pressure drop quickly allowing it to expand and cool down. The cooled and expanded refrigerant goes into the evaporator to restart the process of absorbing more heat from the outside air.

Ecogenica Heat Pump Water Heater Features

High Coefficient of Performance (COP)

The COP measures a heat pump’s efficiency by comparing the ratio of heating or cooling capacity produced to the input energy required. Ecogenica water heater pumps achieve high COP values of up to 5.181, meaning they produce more heat for less energy consumed, setting them apart from conventional heating systems.

Low Operating Noise

The heat pump manufacturer focuses on emitting minimal noise during operation (approximately 50dB). This is achieved by incorporating soundproofing materials and optimized aerodynamic designs to decrease turbulence and vibrations, ensuring discreet and peaceful operation.

Warranty and Support

The provided warranty offers comprehensive protection, spanning seven years for the tank, five years for the compressor, and two years for labor costs. With such robust coverage, you can make your purchase with confidence and peace of mind.

Environmental Impact

The Ecogenica is eco-friendly as it uses R290, a refrigerant with much lower global warming impact than other common refrigerants. Its GWP over 100 years is just 0.02, even lower than CO2. This makes Ecogenica an environmentally smart choice.

R290 Refrigerant

The Ecogenica heat pump water heater runs on R290 natural gas refrigerant. R290 offers incredible heat transfer properties, zero ozone damage potential, and an impressively lower global warming impact. Compared to typical refrigerants, this eco-friendly pick improves safety, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

70-Minute Recovery Rate

Featuring a swift recovery time of roughly 70 minutes, the Ecogenica heat pump water heater excels in quickly replenishing the hot water supply in the storage tank after big withdrawals.

This rapid recovery time considerably cuts down on wait periods and eliminates inconveniences often encountered when dealing with continuous hot water demands. 


  • Help save on utility bills. 
  • Better for the environment because they don’t release a lot of greenhouse gases. 
  • Last longer than regular heating systems. 
  • Don’t need much maintenance if installed properly.


  • Higher upfront cost.
  • May not work very well in really cold weather, so a backup heater might be needed.
  • May need regular inspection if under heavy use.

Who Can Benefit Most from the Ecogenica Heat Pump Water Heater?

The Ecogenica pump works well for homeowners who want to protect the environment and save money. Since it only collects heat from the outside air to heat water, the pump uses less energy meaning homeowners spend less on utilities. 

The pump is a good fit for property owners looking to replace old electric water heaters with a modern, more efficient water heating solution especially for those living in areas with mild weather.

How Does the Ecogenica Water Heater Pump Compare with its Top Rivals?

Considering its efficiency, eco-friendliness, and innovative design, the Ecogenica water heater pump has some key benefits over other top pumps. 

First, it can reach high efficiency levels of up to 5.18 COP, whereas other pumps usually have COP values between 3.0 and 4.0. The higher COP means more heat output for the same energy input. This saves you money on energy bills.

Second, the pump uses a top rated and approved refrigerant, the R290 refrigerant.

This refrigerant is made from hydrocarbons and does not contribute to global warming at all.

Most other heat pumps use HFC refrigerants which can harm the environment due to their high global warming potential scores. So, the Ecogenica pump is a greener choice compared to competitors.

Next, the Ecogenica heat pump water heater emphasizes quiet operation at around 50 dB, setting it apart from other pumps that often make disruptive noises.

Not to mention that the heat pump has smart home controls, allowing you to adjust temperature remotely – a lacking feature on most competitors.

Finally, the Ecogenica’s warranty covers tanks for 7 years, compressors for 5 years, and labor for 2 years. This offers peace of mind and confidence when making the purchase.

Is the Ecogenica Heat Pump Water Heater Worth It?

To cut it short, the Ecogenica heat pump water heater is undoubtedly worth considering if energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and modern technology are priorities.

Although the higher initial cost may seem daunting, the long-term savings resulting from lower utility bills and minimal maintenance make it a smart investment.

Discerning buyers seeking quality and innovation should go for the Ecogenica water heater pump as it outshines competitors in every aspect!


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