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Last updated on April 21, 2022

The history of solar energy technology dates back to the 1800s. 

A French physicist known as Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect. In one of his experiments, he realized that cells emit more electricity when exposed to sunlight.

Since then, solar energy technology has been evolving and growing. 

Australia is the leader in solar tech and has immensely contributed to its growth. It is the largest consumer of solar panels in the world. This is mainly due to its sunny climate.

Most residents in Australia prefer to utilize solar panels. 

The reason being that solar panels have tons of benefits. They reduce carbon footprints, save on cost, need minimal maintenance, etc. In all cases, going green usually starts with the use of solar panels.

Trina solar panel review in detail

Trina Solar is one of the best manufacturers of solar panels in the world. 

The company was created in 1997 by Gao Jifan. During those years, Trina was just a PV enterprise in China. However, today it is one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world.

Trina Solar greatly associates its success with quality production and customer satisfaction. 

One of its main markets is in Australia, where the Australian Solar industry is flourishing and thriving thanks to Trina.

Types of Trina Solar Panels

In a layman’s language, a solar panel is a piece of technology used to convert light to electricity. 

These panels contain solar cells that collect and convert light energy. The solar cells are mostly made from silicon, boron, and phosphorus.

Technically speaking, there are four major types of solar panels. There are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, Thin-film, and PERC solar panels.

Trina Solar manufactures all these types of solar panels. Moreover, it continuously incorporates the latest tech into its solar panels. Some of Trina’s most famous solar panels are the following:

Honey Series

The Honey solar panel meaning “sweet,” is one of the best solar panels in the market. Indeed its sweetness is widely felt as it incredibly lowers energy costs. 

Trina Solar offers 25yrs warranty on these solar panels.

The Honey series can be monocrystalline, PERC, or polycrystalline, depending on your preference. 

The efficiency level of these solar panels is fantastic. Honey solar panels are ideal for limited spaces, residential, and even commercial areas.

Now available is the new Trina Honey M range and Honey M black, with sizes ranging from 330W to 380W. 

They are available in white and black backsheets instead of the standard silver. These solar panels have 20.7% efficiency, which is superb.

They primarily utilize half-cut and multi-busbar technology (MBB). 

Trina Solar is shifting mostly to MBB energy due to its numerous benefits. These benefits include increased efficiency, reliability, reduced cell temperature, and more.

Honey series is the most popular solar panel utilized in Australia. Its design fits perfectly with the Australian climate. The Honey series solar panel is ranked best by PV Evolution Labs testing.

Vertex Series

The Vertex 670W+, 600W+, 550W+ solar panels are good for large scale operations. 

For example, they can be utilized in large Australian farms. The latest one is the Vertex 670W+ solar panel. It has an efficiency of 21.6%, which is fantastic.

Vertex solar panels do well in large-scale operations since they utilize multi-busbar technology. 

The technology enables them to produce a high amount of energy. They also have a silicon wafer that has a size of 210mm.

The Vertex 410W+ and 510W+ solar panels are suitable for homes and commercial rooftops. 

These are more petite versions of solar panels that came after creation of the larger ones.

They are lighter and utilize the MBB, mono-PERC, and high-density format. They have an efficiency of about 21.1%, which is impressive.

Vertex solar panels are bi-facial as they absorb light from both sides. It is the reason why they do so well in Australia. They can regulate the surrounding temperature, be it hot or cold.


We help you receive a solar rebate by claiming the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

This scheme enables you to save a lot of money in the installation of solar energy.

    Duomax Series

    Duomax solar panels have been created using two technologies: bifacial cells and dual glass technology. Moreover, these solar panels come without aluminum framing, which leads to less dirt accumulation.

    Interestingly, the Duomax solar panel can absorb light from the back face. That brings about up to 25% more energy. The dual glass tech also increases the lifespan of this solar panel. However, Duomax solar panels are pretty heavy compared to traditional solar panels.

    Why should you buy Trina Solar panels?

    People purchase solar panels mainly for water and pool heating or electricity purposes. Before purchasing solar panels, there are a few factors to consider. 

    These factors are vital as they can determine the performance of the solar panel.


    Location is an essential aspect to consider when purchasing solar panels. 

    Where will you place the solar panel? If it’s on the roof, can your roof support the solar panel? Some rooftops may be too small or require repair. Whatever the case, make sure the rooftop is suitable.

    The location where you choose to place your solar panel will affect the light it receives. 

    In addition, the angle or tilt of the solar panels affects efficiency too. Countries in the southern hemisphere should place their solar panels facing north.

    In Australia, for example, solar panels placed in the east or west are 10% to 20% less effective. On the other hand, those set facing north at an angle of 30 degrees are more effective. 

    This is because the sun moves towards the north. Therefore the solar panels will be able to absorb maximum light energy.

    It would be best to try to place the solar panels away from tall buildings and trees. Such objects might hinder the flow of light to the solar panels as light travels in a straight line.

    Lucky for us, Trina Solar Panels are designed to fit any location regardless of the conditions or climate in your area.

    Type of Solar Panel

    As mentioned earlier, there are various types of solar panels. 

    Each of these solar panels has its own merits and disadvantages. Also, each is suitable for specific purposes, whether residential or commercial.

    Monocrystalline solar panels, also referred to as single-crystal panels, are the purest solar panels. This is because they are made from pure single silicon.

    They are good in places that require a high amount of energy and are suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

    On the other hand, we have Polycrystalline panels, otherwise known as multicrystalline. These solar panels are made from different pieces of melted silicon. 

    The melted silicon is later molded into squares or rectangles to create polycrystalline. These solar panels work well with self-powered devices.

    Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell Panels (PERC) are an advancement of the monocrystalline ones. Compared to traditional monocrystalline, they are better and more efficient. 

    They have improved absorption power, facilitate the proper flow of electrons and more…Moreover, PERC solar panels are terrific for limited spaces.

    As the name suggests, Thin-Film solar panels are thin in terms of their layers. This makes them highly flexible. They can be made from different materials like Amorphous Silicon (a-Si), Cadmium telluride (CdTe) and Copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS). Thin-Film solar panels are mainly utilized in satellites and spacecraft.

    In Australia, most individuals purchase monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels. The most popular is the Trina Honey series, as its design blends in perfectly. It is wise to select a type of solar panel that best fits your needs and purposes.


    Durability simply refers to the lifespan of the solar panel. You definitely don’t want a solar panel with a short lifespan. That’s why it is vital to buy solar panels from a certified manufacturer. Trina Solar guarantees you quality and value for your money.

    Before getting a solar panel check out the factors likely to cause wear and tear. For example, Australia is known to be super windy. So, get a solar panel that can tolerate wind pressure and hailstorms.

    Trina solar panels have undergone over 30 house tests and have tolerated extreme temperatures. They also have a coating that makes them more resistant to hailstones, snow etc.

    Moreover, before these panels are released for sale, they must pass through SPC. Statistical process control (SPC) is a process designed to identify and solve any potential problems.


    Naturally, before making any purchase, everything must be budgeted. 

    Several costs have to be considered when purchasing solar panels. There is the cost of purchase, installation, and even maintenance.

    You should find a solar panel that matches your budget. The good news is Trina Solar panels offer a wide variety of solar panels, so you can always find a solar panel that meets your budget and preferences.


    You should consider the warranty period before getting a solar panel. Furthermore, always select the product that has the most prolonged warranty period.

    Trina is one of the companies that provide the most extended warranties. 

    They sincerely value their customers, which is why they even have a performance warranty to guarantee that your solar panel will perform at a certain percentage. If not, you can have the solar panel replaced.


    Efficiency is another major issue to consider before you purchase a solar panel. 

    Efficiency means not only maximum productivity but also minimum waste. In Australia, there are numerous solar panels to choose from.

    While it’s wonderful to have variety, it makes selecting an efficient solar panel tricky. So how do you choose an efficient solar panel? When selecting a solar panel, check its efficiency. 

    An efficient solar panel should have efficiency of 15% and above.

    Monocrystalline solar panels are known to have an efficiency of over 20%. 

    Polycrystalline has 15 to 17% efficiency, while PERC can have over 20% efficiency. PERC solar panels tend to have high efficiency due to their passivation layer.

    Trina Solar panels are proven to have above 20% efficiency, which indicates that the productivity of these solar panels is high-end.

    Trina solar panel: Conclusion

    Trina Solar is the go-to solar panel company. 

    Their packages and offers are just on another level.

    They are ranked as Tier one solar panel manufacturers by Bloomberg, an institution that checks on the bankability of solar panel manufacturers. This refers to whether a conventional bank would lend money to the solar manufacturer.

    Trina Solar being Tier one, shows that it has sound financial recordings. Did you know Trina Solar is also listed on the Shanghai stock market?

    In addition, it was one of the best performers in the LID + LETID test. Trina solar panels are, without a doubt, excellent, and their good quality is evident. 

    Moreover, the company always supports and brings forth new technology like N-type cells, Multi-busbars (MBB) and even advanced bi-facial cells.

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