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Last updated on July 29, 2022

Luna Downlight by Emerald Planet Smart Solutions


Downlights from Teknik Lighting Solutions


Trimless LED Downlight by Trend Lightings


Domus Boost and Bliss by Domus lighting

Top 7 Downlights To Buy In Australia

1. Luna Downlight by Emerald Planet

Luna Downlight by Emerald Planet
Luna Downlight by Emerald Planet

The Emerald Planet Solution is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial, commercial, and residential LED lighting.

It is an Australian company that focuses on high energy-efficiency products, provided at affordable prices. It is important to note that this affordability ensures good quality lighting fixtures, as the company does not compromise on production standards.

This specific downlight from Emerald Planet Smart Solutions is very efficient and offers 70 and 90 cut out size options, with a power consumption of 5 and 10 Watts, respectively.

Due to  its tri-colour temperature technology, the Luna downlight gives great flexibility to match pre-existing lighting colours.

2. Downlights from Teknik Lighting Solutions

Downlights from Teknik Lighting Solutions
Downlights from Teknik Lighting Solutions

Teknik lighting solutions offers a wide range of downlights for all applications, from residential and standard commercial to high-end commercial and retail.

Popular downlights produced by Teknik lighting solutions are:

  • The HALO LED downlight is a very versatile LED downlight with a beam angle of 60°, which can be adjusted to 30°,in addition to an advanced front lens that ensures optimal illumination and reduces light glare.
  • The SOL LED downlight has an aluminium body, a lens that ensures low-glare, dimming compatibility feature and a wide range of available colour temperature outputs.
  • The RIPPLE LED downlight produces better and more efficient lighting when compared to traditional halide lamps. It has a slim shape and high-quality stainless steel spring clips which makes it easy to install and hassle-free.
  • The GEM LED downlight is a go-to downlight for good quality fixtures on a budget. It has an aluminium body that is coated like plastic.

3. HV5528T by Havit Lightning

HV5528T by Havit Lightning
HV5528T by Havit Lightning

While most downlights have a CRI of 80, this particular downlight from Havit Lighting has a CRI of 90, properly showing and highlighting the colour of objects it illuminates, as though they were under natural sunlight.

Instead of having a plastic body, this downlight has a full aluminium body which dissipates more heat from the downlight, maintaining an overall lower operating temperature and elongating the life of the fixture.

4. Optica Downlight by Mercator lighting

Optica Downlight by Mercator lighting
Optica Downlight by Mercator lighting

This Optical downlight is made entirely of aluminium as opposed to other downlights in its category.

Not only does it perform well, but it also looks unique with its stylish design.

It is dimmable and is equipped with a switch to maneuver through colour temperature settings, switching between daylight, warm and cool colour outputs.

5. Domus Boost and Bliss by Domus lighting

Domus Boost and Bliss by Domus lighting
Domus Boost and Bliss by Domus lighting

The Domus Boost and Bliss downlight by Domus Lighting has a colour-changing feature that allows it to shift from warm white at 3000K, to cool white at 4000K, all the way to daylight at 5500K.

The Domus Boost and Bliss model gives off a surprisingly minimal glare effect, despite the fact that it has a beam angle of 90°.

This downlight is highly energy-efficient, consuming 10 Watts for an output of 800 lumens, which is about twice the amount of lumens produced from old 20 Watt halogen downlights.

6. Blitz and Titan by Martec

Blitz and Titan by Martec
Blitz and Titan by Martec

Martec’s downlight has the highest lumen output when compared to other downlights in the same price range.

It is also equipped with features like colour-changing temperature switches and is rust and corrosion-free due to its fully polycarbonate body and frame.

It is dimming compatible and can be dimmed down fully to 10% and has a  low failure rate.

7. XDK10 Trimless LED Downlight by Trend Lightings

XDK10 Trimless LED Downlight by Trend Lightings
XDK10 Trimless LED Downlight by Trend Lightings

This downlight by Trend Lightings enjoys a very high efficiency, and is typically 40% more efficient than alternative downlights. This is due to the fact that this downlight produces a lumen output of about 1400 Lumens at a low 10 Watt power consumption, whereas other downlights with 13 Watt consumption only give an output of about 1000 lumens.

Additionally, while most typical downlights have a CRI of 80, the CRI of this downlight is very high at 90.

It also fitted with a “Vivid” menu option. This option allows for a production of a CRI just under 100 and makes the objects viewed under it appear as though they were viewed under natural sunlight.

LED Downlights Buying Guide

Downlights can serve great purposes in the spaces where they are installed, but purchasing and installing the downlight to match the space and effect desired might turn into a complicated task.

This is mainly due to the availability of lots of brands of downlight across the Australian market, with ranging degrees of performance, and efficiency. LED Downlights are a ceiling lighting fixture to be fitted in a specific, appropriately sized ceiling cavity.

Downlights are some of the most commonly used lighting fixtures in modern spaces. They produce warm light which is unobtrusive compared to other lighting fixtures, making them extremely popular for homes.

However, despite their popularity and huge availability on the market, the choice can often be confusing, leading to the purchase of wrong or malfunctioning downlights that don’t fit a specific space, or do not operate as intended. When choosing a downlight for your home there are specific features that need to be considered.

Things to consider when choosing the best downlights

Energy consumed and the brightness emitted. Compared to other lighting fixtures, LED downlights produce a very bright beam of light, while at the same time consuming a considerably lower amount of energy.

Beam Angle: this measure specifies the direction and spread of the light beam and mostly measured in angles. Compared to other types of lighting fixtures that provide a 360° beam illumination, most downlights have a more concentrated beam angle, ranging from 0 to 60°, typically at 45°.

When selecting the proper beam angle for your downlights, it is advisable to be attentive of the space where the downlight will be fitted and of the intended effect desired in the room.

Spacing: after determining and selecting an appropriate beam angle, careful attention must also be given to the spacing between the downlights in order to ensure sufficient lighting of the house.

Using a downlight with a small beam angle requires allocating a spacing of about 1m, and as the beam angle increases, more space is covered with the same downlight and the spacing can be increased to 1.5 or 2m.

Color Rendering Index: CRI is the measure of how thoroughly and accurately the light will reflect the true colour of an object, compared to the actual colour under natural sunlight.

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